Improving Government with Technology

Improving Government with Technology

While U.S businesses have long recognized the benefits technology and data bring to their operations, their customers, and their bottom lines, our federal, state and local governments have been slow to embrace the technological advances that could make government more efficient and more effective.  Hopefully, that’s about to change.


Using Technology to Provide Better Government Services

Today’s consumers have come to expect a certain level of convenience and efficiency when using technology.  Whether we’re searching for information, locating and scheduling services, or purchasing goods, we are accustomed to quickly and easily getting what we need or want with a few taps on our phones.


This same simplicity should apply to accessing government services.  However, this is usually not the case. Often when dealing with the government at all levels, we encounter slow websites with confusing navigation, lengthy communications and difficult forms, and unclear processes.


The U.S. Digital Service is working to change this for federal agencies, but design experts, continued support, and ongoing innovation are needed to make the technological advances necessary for improving access to federal government services and data.  Support and technology experts are also needed to maintain continuous site improvement practices, provide users with performance and customer service metrics, and help state and local governments solve their tech issues.


In addition, policies and processes must be streamlined so that the government can more readily keep pace with the rapid changes in technology and provide a quality user experience.  Government agencies have to be able to purchase innovative technology, hire technology experts, and get rid of rules that impede the development of digital services for mobile tech users.


Using Technology to Make Government More Transparent

Recent initiatives to make government data available to the public have been successful, but additional spending and development are needed to increase data collection and distribution efforts.  Easy access to data in areas such as education, healthcare, and criminal justice can not only improve government transparency, but also help researchers come up with new insights and improve interagency collaboration and agencies’ performance.


Performance tracking using real time data and the open communication of these data throughout agencies are becoming more commonplace.  Once again, however, continued support is needed to keep pace with technological developments and enable government agencies to leverage data to make positive changes.


Technology is also now being used to enhance communication with constituents.  Online surveys, streaming video of meetings or information, and posting useful information and updates to social media can enhance citizens’ trust in government and their desire to become more engaged in all levels of government.


Improving Government Network Security and Updating the Technology Infrastructure

Government agencies’ networks have too often been attacked by hackers from around the world.  Many steps have been taken to decrease the risk of attack, but increased network security and adoption of accepted cybersecurity standards throughout all government agencies are necessary to minimize vulnerabilities.


Experts suggest that security is not the only thing that needs updating; the networks themselves are outdated and unmanageable in today’s high tech environment.  Moving to the cloud is predicted, with its accompanying changes in the way government IT and security are handled.  So too is moving away from government-owned and operated infrastructure to contractor-owned and operated infrastructure.


Meeting the Demands for Change with Innovative Government IT Solutions from SON Technology

To meet the many challenges of implementing changes and adopting new technologies, government agencies are turning to trusted experts like SON Technology.  We understand government’s IT challenges, including the need for top security and agencies’ limited resources, and have a proven track record of providing effective, full-life cycle solutions for government agencies.


We can help boost your performance, improve your communications capabilities, increase data storage capacity, ensure reliable backup and recovery services, and improve security – all while working within your budget.


The demands on your agency are increasing every day.  As your IT partner, we’ll leverage our years of experience in quickly developing, implementing and managing effective IT solutions for government agencies, healthcare providers, financial institutions, and business enterprises, to meet those demands and exceed your expectations.


For expert project management, customized IT solutions, and managed IT services to meet your agency’s needs, call SON Technology today at 407-936-2220 or contact us online.

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Joe Grabowski has 30 years of experience in the Information Technology industry, serving the financial, commercial, education and government markets. Always striving for new levels professionally, Joe founded his own company, SON Technology in 2003. At SON, he took on the roles of CEO and Project Manager. As the driving force behind SON Technology, he delivers enterprise-wide solutions to organizations of any size, as well as to state and federal government agencies.

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