Project Management for Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) in Orlando

Project Management for Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) in Orlando

While Orlando healthcare providers have generally made the transition to digital medicine, navigating the ever-changing healthcare information technology (HIT) landscape is becoming increasingly more complex. Orlando IT project management for projects such as EMR implementation and migrations, data storage and mobile device integration, securing patient data, and deploying and implementing necessary applications requires specialized HIT knowledge and skills.


Too often information technology initiatives in the healthcare industry encounter serious problems that carry very serious ramifications.  To minimize the risk of serious problems and possible failure, we suggest following basic guidelines for effective project management:  develop a plan, communicate with stakeholders, and manage resources.


Develop a Plan for Your Orlando HIT Project

Before beginning an Orlando healthcare IT project, it is important to understand the purpose, requirements and scope of the project.  With a clear understanding of these elements, you can develop a solid plan for the project, including a charter, timelines, budget, resource allocation, clearly defined roles and responsibilities, and risk management strategies.  All aspects of the plan should then be reviewed and approved by the organization’s leaders to ensure feasibility.


Once the overall plan has been developed and approved, you can segment it into smaller pieces or phases with deliverables assigned for each phase. This will allow incremental checks at the end of each phase to make sure you are on track to achieve project goals and are ready for the next phase.


A successful healthcare IT project requires a definite schedule with planned periodic reviews to track how you are doing in relation to the schedule.  A detailed schedule should include all phases of the project, activities for each phase as well as their duration, resources for each phase, and interdependencies among activities.


Communicate with Stakeholders for a Successful Orlando Healthcare Information Technology Project

Effective Orlando IT project management entails clear communication with all users and stakeholders.  Getting their buy-in early in the project, keeping them informed on progress, soliciting feedback during all phases of the project, and paying attention to the feedback can prevent serious problems later on.


Communication at regularly scheduled project review meetings is also important for identifying potential problems and making sure the project is on track. The project team and others involved in each phase of the project should meet to discuss objectives, issues that need to be addressed, and any adjustments that have to be made to the project plan.


Resources for Your Orlando Healthcare IT Project

Having the funds to support your Orlando healthcare IT project is crucial to its success.  From the beginning, you need to understand the complete financial picture.  This includes IT resources, such as hardware, software and connections, as well as possible facility renovations and changes in productivity. Additionally, all training costs should be considered.  Ongoing education for users could be necessary for a successful transition and should be budgeted from the beginning.


The initial phases of the project should also include resource identification, procurement and placement.  Once resources are in place, they should be monitored.  That is, you need to know that you have what is necessary for each phase of the project and for its successful completion.


Relying on an Experienced Orlando IT Project Manager for the Success of Your Healthcare Project

There are always risks inherent in healthcare IT projects due to their being new and encountering varied uncertainties. However, the good news is that experienced project managers can identify possible risks and plan to mitigate their effects.  They have the experience and skills to understand the issues, get people working together to resolve them, and keep things moving forward.  Given complex healthcare IT projects, experienced project managers strive for quality results with maximum efficiency.


At SON Technology, we have provided expert project management and customized IT solutions to Orlando healthcare organizations for more than a decade.  Our clients include nationwide, regional, and local healthcare organizations.


If your organization needs experienced healthcare IT project management or support for an IT initiative, we can help.  Call us today at 407-936-2220 or contact us online.

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