SON Technology has been helping registered investment advisors, wealth managers and financial consulting firms in the Orlando area stay ahead of the curve since 2003. We provide cost-saving solutions to boost your efficiency, security, customer relationships, and profitability.
We understand how important reliable technology is to your fast-paced, client-centered business and how important complying with government regulations and having a secure, dependable infrastructure are for your continued success.  We also know that finding the time and resources to keep up with changes in technology and make informed decisions about IT investments can be very challenging.
In this increasingly complex, competitive environment, we’re here to help you apply the best technology for providing optimal service to your clients and retaining your competitive advantage.


Reliable IT Services & Solutions for Wealth Managers

We leverage our IT expertise and experience in working with wealth managers to help you achieve your goals.  We take the time to understand your business’s specific plans for growth, as well as the challenges you face, before recommending a solution. We then tailor your technology solution specifically for your business, making sure it is scalable, reduces IT related risks and costs, and meets the financial industry’s compliance requirements.

As your trusted IT partner, we can provide numerous IT services to help you stay focused on what you do best.  We can, for example, help you stay in touch with your clients, protect your data from viruses and malware, support the software used by your advisors, help you choose or develop new applications, provide you and your staff with reliable, uninterrupted access to your computer systems, and ensure the stability of your network.


Benefits of Our IT Services & Solutions for Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers

The financial investment industry has undergone tremendous change in the past five years as computers have become capable of performing many of the tasks formerly reserved for well-trained financial advisors and wealth management professionals.  Rather than being supplanted by technology, however, you can achieve better results by harnessing its power and combining it with your know-how and client relationship skills.

We can help you leverage the power of technology to better serve your clients and maintain your competitive advantage.  Our experience and expertise in providing technology solutions for financial advisors and consultants can help you enhance your services to clients, comply with government regulations, and achieve your business goals.

Whether you need to improve network security, transition to the cloud, or enhance your communications with clients, our IT solutions and services will improve your IT capabilities, boost performance and efficiency, and enhance the quality of the services you provide.


Our IT Services and Solutions for Financial Advisors and Wealth Management Consultants

Our clients in the financial industry benefit from our expertise, experience, and the variety of services we customize for them.  We offer an extensive range of managed IT services to help your business stay focused on what it does best. These services include:


IT Advice and Consulting

We recognize that understanding your business’s technology needs and evaluating the numerous IT options available to best serve your clients and grow your business can be overwhelming.  That’s why we are glad to jump in and provide advice and project management services.

We take a systematic approach to analyzing your business’s technological needs and making cost-effective recommendations to help you achieve your goals.  Our engineers can give expert advice on upgrading your network, transitioning to the cloud, choosing and deploying new software, ensuring the security of your data, solving issues that affect your business’s efficiency and profitability, and transforming the way you provide financial advice.


Hosted Email

With our secure, affordable email service, you can control your email system without worrying about reliability, complications, or the added expense of managing your own servers.  Your business will benefit from:

  • Simple administration tools to manage email
  • Mobile device support
  • Unlimited Mailbox Storage
  • Embedded Premium Spam and Virus Protection
  • Optimized Performance
  • Live spam statistics and zero-hour virus alerts
  • 24×7 support


Applications Management

With our managed IT services, you get the expertise, support, and protection of a fully staffed IT department for a fraction of the cost.  Your business will benefit from:

  • Expert IT advice on applications
  • Helpdesk support for your personnel
  • Management and monitoring of applications
  • Monthly management reports
  • Ongoing maintenance and updates
  • Support calls and escalation with 3rdparty vendors on your behalf
  • Application deployment and upgrades


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way businesses store and secure data. With a cost-effective cloud computing solution from SON Technology, you can simplify your IT, extend the life of your computer hardware and software, and reduce your ongoing technology costs.  In addition, with a cloud computing solution from SON Technology, you get:


  • A 7/24 secure environment
  • Redundant infrastructure
  • Enterprise-grade data management
  • High-level support and monitoring
  • Automatic backups
  • The advantage of flexibility and scalability


Onsite or Offsite Data Backup

Your data are necessary for achieving your goals, so having consistent, reliable backups is very important.  Our experienced engineers will implement a backup method that best meets your business’s needs and gives you the security you want: onsite, offsite, or a hybrid approach that combines the convenience of onsite backup with the security of offsite storage.


Network Security

Our computer data security and virus removal solutions will give your network and data the protection you need.  You can focus on accomplishing business goals without worrying about the security of your network or a disruption in your ability to deliver services due to a security breach.  We provide:

  • Network antivirus solutions
  • Antivirus and Internet protection
  • Computer data security
  • Intrusion blocking
  • Wireless network security
  • Virus removal
  • Computer and PC security
  • Wireless protection
  • Security consulting


Disaster Recovery

To avoid losing your data in case of a disaster and getting your business running again, you need a solid backup and disaster recovery (BDR) plan.  SON Technology provides the IT knowledge, experience and meticulous attention to detail needed to help you develop a BDR plan that will guarantee recovery and continuity in possible disaster situations.  Our disaster recovery solutions provide:

  • Reliable data backup and recovery that captures everything
  • Fast recovery and quick access to lost files
  • Offsite storage that protects your data if something happens to your office building
  • Built-in archiving that is more reliable and cost-effective than tape backups
  • 24/7 monitoring in a secure facility


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With IT services from SON Technology, you’ll be able to maximize efficiency and data security, improve your service to clients, and control your IT budget.  You’ll benefit from improved performance and security of your network, top quality maintenance and support, and reduced IT expenditures.
Our IT experts will partner with you to identify and customize the IT services and solutions to help you meet your business challenges and achieve your goals.  Call 407-936-2220 or contact us online for a free IT consultation.

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