Benefits of Managed IT Services in Orlando

Benefits of Managed IT Services in Orlando

Businesses and other organizations of all sizes are finding that the cost of updating and maintaining their IT infrastructure is hurting their bottom line. Hiring and retaining qualified, experienced IT staff is very expensive, and most IT personnel, no matter how good they are, are not equipped to handle all of the issues that can arise with the latest technology.  It’s critical for the future of your business to evaluate the benefits of managed IT services. 


Moreover, problems with your network, servers, or workstations often affect productivity, as well as the ability to focus on your core business, and they can lead to unplanned repair or upgrade costs.


To improve this situation, strategic businesses have turned to Orlando Managed IT Services for more effective planning, budgeting, and operations, and, ultimately, increased competitiveness and ROI. Managed IT Service Providers can supplement your internal IT department as needed or assume responsibility for all of your company’s IT functions. No matter what your needs, partnering with a Managed Service Provider like SON Technology in Orlando can benefit your organization in four major ways.


Managed IT Services Help Reduce Labor Costs While Increasing Productivity

Hiring, training, and retaining an experienced IT staff can be very expensive, and often, network maintenance and handling of daily IT issues require more time than the staff has. In addition, in the rush to put out IT fires, network monitoring and proactive maintenance are often neglected, leading ultimately to major problems and downtime.


With a Managed Service package, you can avoid these problems and save on IT labor costs. First, you get the benefit of IT expertise without additional labor costs, including downtime for training new hires. Second, you have the benefit of 24/7 monitoring and proactive maintenance conducted by a team of experts.


With the capabilities and tools available from Managed IT Service Providers like SON Technology, IT issues will be identified and resolved before they become major problems. In addition, patches and updates can be scheduled so that normal daily operations will not be affected. With managed services, your IT infrastructure will perform optimally and be available for your team when you need it.


Managed IT Services Expand Your IT Knowledge Base and Capabilities

Your in-house IT employees might be very skilled. However, their exposure to new technology, problems and solutions is most likely limited by the demands of their jobs.   In contrast, the engineers at IT service companies encounter new technologies and related problems all the time. They also have a wide range of knowledge and diverse skill sets that can be put to work to resolve the IT issues that might occur at your business.


A good technology service provider like SON Technology in Orlando also makes sure that its engineers are up to date on the latest advances in technology and have the most recent certifications for the services they offer and vendors they work with. Managed IT gives you access to the special, advanced skills and knowledge these engineers have to help you develop solutions based on best in class technology.


Increase Competitiveness with Managed IT

With increased IT capabilities and improved productivity from managed IT services, you’ll be able to boost your company’s competitiveness. First, you won’t have to waste valuable time and resources on IT problems and decisions, so you’ll be able to stay focused on your core business competencies and strategies. Secondly, you’ll have access to technology solutions comparable to those at much larger companies but with a managed cost structure and economy of scale. In addition, you’ll be able to quickly implement new technology to give your company a competitive advantage.


Another often overlooked benefit of having managed IT services is improved planning and budgeting capabilities. Whereas planning for technology needs can be troublesome because of unforeseen problems, with managed services, your costs will be fixed and your problems will be handled. Comprehensive reporting will keep you on top of IT issues for better planning, and ongoing maintenance will keep your technology functioning optimally, so you can gain and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.


Protect Your Company’s Data and IT Investment

Managed IT service providers like SON Technology in Orlando also have the specific industry knowledge of security and compliance issues to avoid risk and protect your company’s key business assets, such as your network, servers and workstations, as well as your valuable client data.


Your IT service provider will monitor your technology and proactively provide the maintenance, updates and patches necessary to ensure your network is as secure as possible. If problems do occur, technology experts will be available 24/7. You will only have one number to call and one point of accountability, no matter what the problem is.


Contact SON Technology at 407-936-2220 or online to discover how a flat-fee managed IT services package can provide cost-saving solutions to the network and computer problems that affect your business. Schedule your free IT consultation today.

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