TECH-SPERT TUESDAY: Information Technology 101

TECH-SPERT TUESDAY: Information Technology 101

Welcome to the very first post in our new TECH-SPERT TUESDAYS blog series. It’s back to school season, so we thought it’d be the perfect time for a little course in IT 101. At SON Technology we take the time to form genuine relationships, and want to help our clients develop a better understanding of the ever-elusive world of information technology.


It is a common occurrence for individuals to contact us who don’t have the slightest idea what’s going on. We understand, that’s why we’re here; however, we also believe it doesn’t have to be that way. We aim to be an information authority on all things IT. Our goal is to empower our clients to have at least a basic understanding of what we do here at SON Technology, if not more. We plan to accomplish this by breaking “IT” down to absolute basics for our current and future clients, incorporating lunch and learn sessions that will coincide with each of our blog posts. Ultimately, our clients will feel like they could tackle some basic troubleshooting if they wanted to. We may not be accountants, but we believe it’s important to at least know how to balance a checkbook – same idea!



According to Merriam-Webster, information technology is defined as ‘the technology involving the development, maintenance, and use of computer systems, software, and networks for the processing and distribution of data.


Simple enough?


Sure, until we remember that no matter how tech-savvy we think we are – at some point, all technology eventually develops a mind of its own. Especially once you’re dealing with more complex systems.


Sorry to say, there is simply no avoiding it.


Next, let’s consider the fact that in the modern world, IT is (for the most part) completely electronic. We use computer hardware, software, networks and telecommunication for the majority of, our business needs. That means, a business’s existence depends entirely upon those systems running smoothly and efficiently.


Scary right?


It doesn’t have to be. That’s where we come in!


IT professionals like us ensure that your business has proper support in order to build a safe and secure network that is also user-friendly. Our team ensures we are always using the latest strategies and products. We then go a step further, to help you understand what is going on and how you can avoid future problems.


Information technology has made it possible for companies to increase their productivity tremendously. It wasn’t long ago that simple everyday tasks such as sharing, organization and communication took much longer to accomplish than they do today. In addition to traditional businesses, IT has especially had a positive impact on fields such as education and healthcare.






Our next order of business is to break down and explore the basic elements that make up information technology.


We’ll start with hardware. Here’s a hint, when you think of a hardware store, what comes to mind first?




When we think of hardware in the context of Information Technology, what is our tool?


A computer, or printer, or tablet, camera or phone or any other physical device that allows us to harness the power of technology.


Next, we’re going to discuss software. When you’re using tools to put something together, what would you need to ensure you are doing so properly?




Think of a software program as the instruction manual that the hardware’s processor reads in order to be able to execute specific operations.


Simple, right?




Finally, we’ll cover telecommunications, which utilizes various types of hardware such as phones, computers, radios, satellites and televisions to send information anywhere in the world. They are able to do with by using either electromagnetic waves or electronic signals. This advance in communication has proven to be a game-changer in respect to overcoming many previous barriers. You can literally contact someone anywhere in the world at any time, instantly.


In addition, we are now seeing communication systems emerge like RingCentral.  They utilize cloud technology, which has further-revolutionized the way that teams are able to communicate and collaborate!


More recently, companies like Eagle Eye Networks have gone a step further with video and surveillance systems. The latest technology can capture and transfer video from multiple cameras and display them on multiple devices simultaneously.


The limits to what we’re able to accomplish with technology are dwindling quickly and the growth will only continue. With so many advances in technology it’s no surprise that people are realizing the benefits to themselves and their companies now more than ever. It is increasingly important to have an effective, up-to-date and affordable IT company to help you learn how to work smarter and more efficiently all while saving you money!


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